Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gear: Profile Design Tri-Stryke Saddle

Yesterday, I received in the mail a Profile Design Tri-Stryke Saddle that I purchased on ebay. I'm excited to

find out whether it helps with some numbness I've felt on and off, especially during longer rides. My training predominantly has been indoors on a stationary trainer, so that might have been a partial culprit. Right now I'm riding a thin, minimally-padded Bontrager saddle, and I'm guessing my big butt will be happier on a more padded seat.

Here's what the Profile Design website has to say:

The Tri-Stryke Chromoly:
  • Cut-away with vents for comfort and moisture transfer
  • Triathlon specific design
  • Extra padding for all day comfort
  • Nose and tail designed to fit over transition bike rack
  • Colors: Black/white or Black/Black (pictured) Rails: Chromoly Weight: 310 grams

I'll try to get the saddle on the bike today and get at least a short ride in tomorrow, but definitely Sunday morning.

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  1. Got the saddle on today, briefly sat on it, good to go for tomorrow if I feel up to it after swimming.

  2. improvement over the race saddle that was on my bike, but still not the Holy Grail. Will continue to save for an Adamo, seems like that design should get rid of my numbness. If ISM reads this, I'll happily review the saddle should you wish to send me one. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience.This Tri-Stryke Saddle looks very durable and comfortable for cyclists. It would be better if there are other shapes.


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