Friday, June 5, 2009

Gear Review: 2006 Look 555 First Ride

Monday, I purchased this Look 555 complete bike for an unbelievable price -- over half off of the total component price! This is by far the most expensive, light, and quality bike I have ever owned. Back in college, when my friend Joey and I rode from Huntington Beach to San Diego, he rode a Schwinn LeTour and I rode a Gitane something or other. Those bikes each weighed a ton, but they also got the job done.

This bike is set up with Campagnolo Record components, with wheels, rims, seatpost and aero bars all Bontrager. The whole thing can easily be picked up with one hand. I have some older Sidi road shoes that I use that clip into Look Keo clipless pedals.

This morning's ride was a blast! Except for the cold (who'd have thought that Chicago in June would ever be cold?), I thoroughly enjoyed the several miles I rode. This bike, maybe from being so light, is more squirrelly than others I have ridden and I got off track when I turned my head to check behind me. When I got onto the aero bars, I understood why people say to use them several times before riding in a group -- it is a very strange sensation!

Overall, I am very pleased with this bike. It will definitely add another facet to my training program.

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