Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hoka One One, FixnZip, RnR Discount Code

Hoka One One Bondi 3

As part of my #RockNBlog training for the three half marathons, I decided to try a new shoe to see if I could fix the lower leg issues I've been experiencing. (I could also be better about my mobility work, but that's a lot of work and not half as easy as buying a new pair of shoes.) So I went out and bought a pair of Hoka One One Bondi 3s to try out. I've been fascinated with Hokas for a while and it seemed an opportune time to take the plunge. Unfortunately, while they are definitely a comfortably unique running shoe, they were not, in fact, the magic bullet I was hoping for. Still, I can feel I'm making progress with the lower leg discomfort, so maybe they've helped. A full review will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

fixnzip zipper repair

How many of you have favorite clothes that have a broken zipper, and you can't get rid of them, because, hey, they're your favorite. FixnZip could be the solution. Laima has a fave Under Armour sweatshirt that has a semi-broken zipper which is usable, but hardly easy to use: the perfect guinea pig! The premise is pretty simple - most zippers are one of several sizes, so a FixnZip replacement is ordered according to size. The replacement zipper opens up to slide onto the teeth and is then tightened to the point where it all meshes together as designed. Really easy to use, though some adjustment was necessary. It would be good if they also offered different colors (at least black), but even the silver isn't too obtrusive. Works on anything with a zipper, including tents. I received this as a sample, but in my opinion, it's a good product and one I'll return to if needed.

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series Discount Code

A reminder, if you're thinking about running any one of the marathons or half-marathons in the international Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, make sure you use one of the many discount codes available through the RocknBlog group. My personal discount code is RUNWITHKOVAS, and that will get you:
  • $15 off marathons and half marathons in 2015 (that includes Canadian destinations – Montreal and Vancouver)
  • £3 (GBP) off International races
  • **Does not include: Mexico events, 1-miles, 5k, 10k, Kids Rock, 2-Person Relay, or TourPass
  • Expires on 12/31/2015!!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting Ready for Hell Hike and Raft

I realize it's many, many months away, but if you know me, planning for a trip is one of my favorite things to do. (Especially when new gear is involved.) In the old days, it was easy - get your Triptik from AAA, gas up the car and drive. Nowadays, it can be a whole lot more complicated, not that that's bad, just takes away some of the mystery.

Hell Hike And Raft Gear

One of the first things I did was to set up a Pinterest board (I have mixed feelings about Pinterest, but in the case of this project, it seemed ideal). I've been pinning items that I've already bought, am planning to buy, and wish I could afford for this trip.  Let me know what I should add that I might have forgotten or is a favorite of yours for trips like this.

Complicating the planning, gear wise, is that we may be receiving gear from trip partners to try out, which makes it hard to buy something if it's possible we may get something we actually have to take. I've approached this by planning some purchases, but putting them off and seeing what happens. Other items, that would be useful even if I wasn't going on the trip, I go ahead and order. 

Travel wise, it looks like the trip to Idaho will be simple: I'll fly to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, then on to Boise for the expedition. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll then have to fly back to SLC before returning to Chicago, it appears there are no direct flights between Boise and Chicago. Hopefully I'm mistaken.

The old saying is that the journey is the goal, but planning for it can be pretty important in its own right.

How do YOU get ready for a trip?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#HikerChat Snowshoe Video

#HikerChat Snowshoe

Hard to believe it's been a month since I headed into the Utah mountains with some of the #HikerChat crew to snowshoe Little Cottonwood Canyon. Feels like yesterday or a long time ago. Was going through photos the other day and put together a slide show as a keepsake. That's an outing I won't soon forget - looking forward to meeting up again at Summer Show. :)

#HikerChat Snowshoe Video

Music: "Hey Green" by The House of the Old Boat (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Interested in joining #HikerChat? Head over to Twitter Fridays at noon Eastern. Make sure you have food, because you're going to get hungry - we talk a lot about snacks. :)

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Twenty four degrees below zero. I am pretty tired of Winter this week and getting a serious case of Spring Fever. Nothing to do but hunter down and think of some of the fun things planned for warmer days ahead:
Spring Break at Breck: our annual family trip has been a maybe/maybe not proposition this year, but I'm thinking maybe it's a yes now. Might as well fully enjoy the cold and snow, though ironically, should be a lot warmer there. :)
RocknBlog Races: Have not prepared in any meaningful way, still struggling with lower leg pain, but excited to visit Nashville in April, run Chicago in july, then head down to STL in October.
Outdoor Retailer Summer Show: cannot wait to get back to SLC and check out the madness that is the Summer Show - lots of folks told me that it is much more chaotic than the Winter version. We'll see.
Hell Hike and Raft: Even though this isn't until August, this is really weighing on my mind - it's a pretty extensive packing list, with gear for both hiking and whitewater rafting, so I'll feel better once I've figured out what I'm bringing.
Before that there will be plenty of hiking and camping, but until then, hunkering down and riding it out...

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